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All of our classroom sessions are vital, especially for new drivers who may not know many road rules. We think that our driving lessons are what set us apart from other driving schools, because Good Directions Driving School is interested in more than just seeing if you can use a turn signal and merge into traffic. We want to make sure that you really understand how to safely operate a vehicle. We want every driver to know his or her responsibilities and to be as safe as possible every time he or she goes out.

Our driving courses will help you learn maneuverability so that you will have the confidence to handle yourself well when you begin driving alone. All of our instructors are fully trained, and each one has undergone an FBI background check. We do a background check so you will feel at ease, but it is also for convenience. Rather than having you come to us, our instructor can pick you up for all driving lessons.

By offering to pick up our students and drop them off, we have been able to work around all kinds of schedules. It can really make it much easier for parents who are busy with work. For adults who are just starting out, or who need to earn back their license, finding a ride to lessons can be even more difficult. Our driving lessons will take all of that stress away by eliminating the need to bother friends and family to drive you.

Students come to us from all over the Byesville, OH area. Many of them have heard from friends about how much more confident they feel driving a car after they have completed our one-on-one driving lessons.

It always makes us feel good to hear great feedback, but it is even more important to know that we are training responsible and safe drivers for the roads. Schedule your first lesson right now!

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